Here is some of the equipment that we use on our investigations.

EMF Reader

The EMF reader reads the electronic magnetic field in the area. If there is a fluctuation then the reader emits a loud 'beep' and flashes a bright light. English Dictionary states that EMF is: The field of force associated with electric charge in motion, having both electric and magnetic components and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.

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K-2 Metre

Another EMF Style piece of equipment, Although very similar to the Gauss metre and the Cell Metre the K-2 has lights which flash when EMF is picked up. The K-2 Metre is very sensitive to mobile phone signal which is a down side to it.

Gauss Metre


Similar to that of our EMF reader, The Gauss metre reads EMF but it registers on a dial and makes a high pitched sqeaking sound.

Voice Recorder





We use this voice recorder to try and capture EVPS

Internal and External Themometer.


This temometer register tempretures surrounding the themometer and with the probe provided.

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Night Vision Camera

A Night vision camera, is a Paranormal Investigators best friend. As we investigate a location is complete darkness, then we need to be able to see, in order to do this we need a night vision camera. We also use cameras to record our findings to show the public.

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Torches are more for health and Safety than anything else. We are in the pitch black (or as dark as the location permits) when we are on an investigation, therefore we need torches to help us get around our locations with ease. As well as torches we use headlamps.


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Webcam and Laptop


We use a webcam and laptop when using trigger objects (see bleow) to track any movement. We also use mics to try and catch EVPs.


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Trigger Objects


These are objects that are relevant to the location we are investigating. We cover the objects in flour to track any movements, and film them with the webcam. If the location permits, we may even do a live feed. 


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Digital Camera


We use a digital camera to take pictures of our locations and to try and catch some evidence of spirits.


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Night Vision CCTV

Donated to us by our friends at Cornish Paranormal Group (C.P.G) this little camera has built in night vision and can be connected to a tv so we can film a different location and be watching the footage in basecamp.

Canon FS100

we use this Handheld camera to film our documentaries and interviews. It does not have night vision but it does have a very bright light which can light up a very large room.







This VCR is connected to a TV and the CCTV camera. It will record the trigger objects on to VHS for us to watch at a later date. This way we can have the trigger objects being filmed with out using one of our cameras.

Motion Detecters





These Motion detecters are placed around our trigger objects. There release an invisible barrier between them. If this beam is broken and alarm will sounds alerting us.